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SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY‣In April, IRCAM invites itself to your house​

Updated: Jun 28

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Whether you are simply curious to know more about IRCAM or about contemporary music, whether you are a performing arts enthusiast, a scientist, an artist, or a sound professional, a student, etc... every week in April you can do the following on ircam.fr: attend courses in composition and interpretation given to the students of the Cursus and the IRCAM Academy by some of today’s the greatest artists watch recent scientific conferences to get up to date with the latest news in music and sound research find portraits of composers and analyses of works by musicologists specializing in the post-1950 period. Take advantage of access to the creative process of a range of composers via the series of 25 documentaries "Images of a Work" and relive all 4 editions of our art-innovation Forum Vertigo on themes as varied as 3D, code, designing the  living, or AI. Enjoy a wealth of discoveries in IRCAM’s documentary resources, and take care of yourself! The Ircam Team

 . Visit IRCAM at https://www.ircam.fr

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