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About Us

HorizonVU Music provides a forum for curious minds with interests in music spanning multiple facets of creativity in performance and composition.  Our network encourages the participation of persons dedicated to understanding  the theories and practices of performance and composition as well as deepening our knowledge of cultural history, physical science and technology, social science, and philosophy. 

HorizonVU Music represents the coming together of scholarly insights with practical hopes and dreams. Our horizons are a limit of our intellectual and physical capabilities as well as a dynamic, changing view toward the future. We think in terms of where we are today and the direction in which our musical compass points us. 

The HorizonVU Music operates independently standing for intellectual curiosity, innovation and the love of music . We are serious persons having viewpoints – our VU-points (that is, Volume Units) and information we share are intended to invite conversation and collaboration in the spirit of affording enriched opportunities to express the art.


Our Team

A small dedicated team founded HorizonVU Music in 2009. Since then, the company has re-shaped its mission  and its objectives in line with its strengths.


CEO - Chief Amazement Officer

Phil Cartwright is an American citizen raised in the Chicago area. A Ph.D. in economics, he has thirty years of successful academic as well as commercial and consulting experience. Phil has participated in the entertainment and media business for many years. He holds certifications in music theory and music technology and production from the Berklee College of Music. His memberships include  Audio Engineering Society and ASCAP.


Director, Artist Relations, Popular Music - Ambassador

Tony has in one way or another been involved with the music scene internationally going back to his roots of rock music in Ireland and the Isle of Man. He spent five years as International Artistic director for the Country Rock and American Lifestyle magazine, Dreamwest and he has written for numerous music publications. He is an avid follower of rock and pop and is dedicated to spreading the word about the dangers of climate change.


Prophetess of Creativity

Clara is a Parisienne joining the HorizonVU team from PSB Paris School of Business where she is studying communications and intends to pursue the Master of Business degree. She is fluent in French, Italian, German and English. She is passionate about music, dance and the performing arts. She studies viola, voice-singing and she is a contemporary dancer at the Conservatoire La Garenne. Clara is focused on content development.


Our Services

Consulting expertise in the field of cultural management within the framework of projects related to innovation in music.

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